New Guy in the Office / by Joe Malboeuf

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Buddy earned degrees in Mathematics and Classics from the University of Texas at Austin, where he developed a distinct perspective and skill set for analysis and problem solving. During college and the years following, Buddy was able to cultivate an already established interest in architecture through photography, drawing, and historical studies. After working in the field of environmental risk analysis, Buddy set on a path to pursue architectural design.

In 2013, Buddy moved to Seattle to begin graduate school at the University of Washington. He will be completing his Master of Architecture degree in December 2016. Through school, he has been able to study architecture, materials, and building in Japan, the Philippines, Denmark, and Sweden. His previous architectural experience has involved K-12 schools around the Northwest.

Outside of design, Buddy enjoys concerts, kayaking, exploring Seattle, and soaking up the sunshine whenever it appears. He frequently documents his activities and inspiration through photography and never turns down an opportunity for karaoke.