The Wedgwood

Type: Single-family residence
Location: Wedgwood, Seattle
Size: 1834 sf
Status: Completed 2016
Photos: HD Estates

Using Built Green 5-Star standards, the Wedgwood project is a remodel of a single-family home that exceeds the energy efficiency of most new construction projects in Seattle. To ensure performance and durability, the project incorporates a number of passive house construction methods.

To maximize the environmental benefit of a remodel, the Wedgwood project avoids ground disturbance by re-using the entire foundation of the pre-existing home. For new floors, the project utilizes hydronic radiant heating. Lumber reuse from deconstructed parts of the existing home were incorporated into the remodel. Local and longer life cycle materials were prioritized when designing and constructing the project.

To eliminate thermal bridging across the building envelope, 1.5 inches of rigid foam wrap the exterior walls. Because open cell foam fills the wall cavity, a consistent and even thermal envelope is achieved. A 6.7 kW solar PV array on the roof satisfies a majority of the home's energy demand. The home was modeled to consume 45% less energy than an equivalent code-built home.